Saturday, August 2, 2008

Travels to Saint Peter the Apostle, East Troy, Wisconsin

Saint Peter's Church is a beautiful old country church in the small town of East Troy, Wisconsin. East Troy, a village is home to farming community and the Buell Motorcycle factory. The village is located 35 miles southwest of Milwaukee, WI in Walworth County.

The Exterior of the Church

The Interior of the Church
The interior of the church was well preserved. They must had some great pastors here. As I took my pictures, an older woman told me there were once beautiful side altars in the church. They were removed during a renovation and replaced with statues. On the right side there was a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mother. I can't remember what was on the left side. Needless to say, the statues weren't all that impressive.

The old rectory is now a Parish center.

The rectory garage was once home to some beautiful Cadillacs, I'm sure.